Keep it Fresh documents a graffiti competition composed by Ziplok in 2016. The graffiti competition took place on the King County Archival building in Seattle, WA.


zippy-2013Ziplok is Andrew’s alter ego. It is his inner supernatural caped crusader and is capable of anything. He did not merely adopt the darkness, he was born into it. His art was fine tuned in the pitch black. His skills were perfected in the shadows and crafted in the cold rain of Seattle. Ziplok was born in the inner city and formed by the hardships and struggles the concrete jungle present to a young individual growing up. The lack of social services and the need for a hero forced Ziplok into existence and from this humble beginning he learned to create great works of art from very little.

He was introduced to Hip Hop back in the 1980’s and began writing graffiti in 1992. He settled on the name Ziplok because he believed in keeping it fresh. He began writing with Heinous and Romeo and together they formed the Burn Unit crew. His older brother was a renowned breakdancer from the Emerald City Breakers crew and in 1996 he formed the Electric Playboys/Radio Actives breakdance crew and they performed at local schools. He was also a part of the CHAOS crew (crazy house and old school).

In 2000 he moved to Providence, RI and began writing with Sonet from New York City. In 2002 he moved to Boston, MA and formed a crew with Krazie from the Lower Eastside of Manhattan in New York City. In 2010 he began writing with Nightmare and they are currently working together with artists, community members, and business owners to create as much public art as possible.

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