I'm honored to be a friend of Andrew Morrison. -Terrance Guardipee

The former Indian Heritage school that has been transformed into the Robert Eagle Staff Middle School and Cascadia Elementary in Seattle, WA. All of the Native American murals have been successfully moved into both new schools and preserved.  An unveiling ceremony, dedication, and public presentation of the murals, honoring circle, and interpretive panels are scheduled for July 13th from 6-8pm and August 25th from 5-8pm. These events are open to the public and will give the community a chance to see the completed project in person.

July 13, 2017 Agenda

6pm walking tour begins at Cascadia Elementary

mural 1 in  courtyard

6:10 mural 2 in courtyard

6:20 mural 3, entrance of Cascadia Elementary

6:30 walking tour proceeds to Robert Eagle Staff Middle School

mural 4, entrance to courtyard of Middle School

6:40 honoring circle presentation in courtyard

6:50 presentation of 4 large murals in courtyard

7pm unveiling ceremony, dedication, and public presentation begins

Muckleshoot Canoe Family

Welcome Songs and prayer

7:10 Cecile Hansen, Duwamish Tribal Chairwoman

7:15 Hyeok Kim, Deputy Mayor of Seattle

7:20 Dr. Larry Nyland, Superintendant of Seattle Public Schools

7:25 Colleen Echohawk, Executive Director of Chief Seattle Club

7:30 Mike Tulee, Executive Director of United Indians of All Tribes

7:35 San Carlos Apache Representatives

7:40 Marne Campbell, Principal Robert Eagle Staff Middle School

7:45 Lisa Allphin, Principal Licton Springs

7:50 Introduce Lydig Construction, Mahlum Architects, Nickel Bros, Pacific Studio

7:55 Muckleshoot Canoe Family

Closing Songs and Prayer

8pm Battle Reflex breakdance performance!

The ribbon cutting for both schools is September 5, 2017.

Mr. Morrison will continue graduate school in September at the University of California Santa Barbara to obtain his Master of Fine Art degree.

Indian Heritage Murals

“Many positive things are on-going in the effort to save Andrew Morrison’s Indian Heritage outdoor murals. The two new schools under construction now
have names: Robert Eagle Staff Middle School, and Cascadia Elementary School. With these given names they “now” are living human places. The saved Heritage Murals are now being placed in their final locations at each school—stop by and take a look at 1330 N 90th St, Seattle, WA 98103!” – Johnpaul Jones, FAIA

Click here to download Progress Report 3, March 2016

Click here to download Progress Report 3, March 2016


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Spinoy is a film that documents Mr. Morrison’s most recent mural in Deering, AK and a mural tribute to his friend Peter Bordner (Spinoy).