I'm honored to be a friend of Andrew Morrison. -Terrance Guardipee

The Isla Vista Mural Class Mr. Morrison teaches at UCSB has made a film and it is being premiered at the Multi-Cultural Center at University of California, Santa Barbara on March 8th: 2pm. This event is open to the public. All footage, interviews, photos, art, and murals are courtesy of the Isla Vista Mural Class.

A new short film by Andrew Morrison that showcases the mural he painted with Lauren Monroe Jr. in Browning, Montana on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. The project was sponsored by the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium.

Mr. Morrison continues graduate school at the University of California, Santa Barbara to obtain his Master of Fine Art degree.  Mr. Morrison is also the recipient of the Continuing Graduate Fellowship sponsored by the University of California, Santa Barbara.