I'm honored to be a friend of Andrew Morrison. -Terrance Guardipee

Mr. Morrison Directs and unleashes his music video: Leo Season (Freestyle 2020) , featuring ILLY WONKA on Thanksgiving, 11-26-20


Artist/Writer/Producer born & raised in Seattle, Washington. Over the years he has released some independent work of his own. Known for his positive spin on songs and subjects with multiple styles and an innovative approach to his songs. Marked as an established lyricist with a strong passion for music as a whole, he creates music to help you grow, motivate you, & enlighten the listener. He’s not tryna be “cool” or “down;”as he could care less what you think. And that shows in his work. If you’re ready for a change and something fresh, while speaking to your spirit, this is it.

This song/video is a collaborative effort from ZIPLOK & ILLY WONKA. A trip to good ol San Diego, California is where all the creation took place.Except the Music/beat was produced in Seattle, WA by ILLY on the 1st day of LEO season (July 23rd). Inspired by the summertime and the good weather, & birthday of his Son on that actual day. The verses were freestyles basically; written very fast. Both verses were amazingly written in about 25 minutes. The song touches on the struggles of parenting, the strength of family, financial literacy & wisdom for life, speaking to & schooling the youth. Challenging preconceived indoctrinations that have caused hardships and replace it with thoughts of healing and progression from the dark side. Without a care in the world of what opposition may think. Going hard ever so smoothly on this one. Love you. More from ILLY WONKA & ZIPLOK in 2021.

ILLY! (Ryan Wood)


1. When did you start rapping?

I was 15 when I first rapped in front of an audience at summer camp with my group Urban Bush Camp.

2. Define Ace Dynasty? 

A group of 7 original MC’s with numerous family affiliates. A movement. We started out in the late 90s. Mostly grew into our own careers and lives. It is uncertain at the moment where Ace Dynasty stands as a whole. We shall see what the future holds. 

3. How did leo season spawn?

I named the beat Leo Season because I made the production on the 1st day of Leo, July 23rd. Which so happens to be my Son’s birthday. San Diego feels like August. numerous components brought Leo Season together.

4. Will you release again soon?

Yes. Releasing new material coming soon and 2021. 

5. How was it working with Smoove J Charles?

Good energy focused on the common goal helped us execute shooting this video. Smoove J, SavLav; it’s always a pleasure doing business and getting things accomplished.

6. What does Smoove J/SavLav bring to the table?

Multi Media Man with numerous years of experience. Veteran experience. Videographer, Graphic Designer, and more. What he brings to the table is a key part of our marketing and media push. 

7. What would you call your style?

I would call my style personal. I like to express the many approaches of my inner self. And it’s different every time, but it’s always me. 

8. How does it feel having Leo Season completed on schedule?

The stars aligned with this one and everything flowed ever so smoothly. I felt accomplished in a strong victorious way. lol

9. What has coming to San Diego done for your game?

San Diego has the sunshine that joys the soul. It’s given me a fresher outlook. It also has me wanting to come back soon! I hate Covid 19! lol

10. When did you meet ziplok?

We met in the early 90s. My family moved to the neighborhood where we all met ZipLok. So I’ve known my brother for most of my life.