It brings out a heart warming gift. -Leondo Osoteo

Mr. Morrison lives to paint and paints to live. He began painting murals at the age of 12 in the backyard of his house. He found simple materials and created his first mural on a recycled board and then continued to paint larger and larger until the surfaces were the obstruction and he simply needed more space to complete his images. He painted a mural on the side of the garage of his home and the artistic light was lit inside his creative spirit. He spent years as a graffiti artist fine tuning his abilities on walls until he realized he could actually paint the world, change the world, and strike love into the heart of this dream of a world with his brushes, wit, and creative gusto. He had great teachers along the way, Bob Whittemore, his 6th grade teacher encouraged him as a teen to nurture the talent. Linda Bennet and Carolyn Wheeler, his high school art teachers played crucial roles in guiding Mr. Morrison and helping him get into the Rhode Island School of Design at the age of 18. Once at the Rhode Island School of Design he was exposed to a world he had never even dreamed of and studied with equally talented young artists from around the world. He gives credit to all of those along the way that have believed in him and continue to support his vision. He makes a living as a full time artist and believes that opportunities arise as they are seized.