Letters of Support – The Native Youth Enrichment Program


They should not shut this school/program down because the Native Youth today are only into
getting into trouble, smoking and drinking. Tribal schools would show our Native children to
courage them to stop drinking and smoking. Our Native way have gone lost with our ancestors.
Our Indian Heritage has gone lost. Children now don’t know some native language now.
Because our ancestors lands got taken away from us long ago.

Having tribal schools would help all the Native Children to have them and us to bring back the
Native language, dances, singing, drawings, and to remember what our ancestors did a long
time ago. We can learn about all tribes and languages. We need to let our voices be heard on
how much tribal schools means so much to us Native Youth. We need to keep our traditions
going, let every native child to bring back our cultures, show to the world we native do have a

Show that our children want to learn about our Native culture. Make our own drums, songs,
paddles, canoes, and everything but we can’t do that if they shut down our or any tribal


Justine L. Shale