Letters of Support – Natalia Bond Coello

Dear Seattle School District,

My name is Natalia, ts’koodawai. I am Native. I am 11. I have come to sing at Indian Heritage
High School. I have danced. I have sung and I have listened to Native teachings at this school.
I.H.H.S. is important to the Urban Native People. It is important to all the community. Truth
is taught here. This land where this schools sits and the park next door is sacred. It is a sacred
place to the First People of Puget Sound. It is an old place. It is a place where our young people
come to be adults. Our people have been coming to this place forever. Do you think it is just
by chance that Native youth go to school here? I don’t. The voices of the people before us are
here. Our voices will be here too. With all that $695 million dollars why can’t you make your
big school and have Indian Heritage a part of it? With all that big money can’t you keep our
beautiful murals too? Please, we would help you.


Natalia Bond Coello