Letters of Support – Clara Foster

Hey my name is Clara Victoria Foster I have four brothers and one sister I’m the youngest and my mom
and dad are Debra Barto and James Foster. My mom is sick for about 5 months now and my dad is
trying to help as much as he can well where I’m going with this is some children’s parents might be
going through a hard time and it might put stress on their parents. How I know this is cuz my mom
would be stressed by having to find another school and it might be farther than the one they go to now
and I believe my mom will soon get better soon but some parents won’t and if you want to tear this
AWESOME school down I strongly disagree and you should really think before you do it. It can be hurtful
to kids who love this school and stressful for parents it will hurt lottssss!!

Clara F.