Letters of Support – Alberta Harvey

Seattle Public Schools,

I believe that this building with its murals and program need to continue to exist. These
things may not seem necessary to you but to the people in the community here, they are very
important. This building is a place where young natives come and feel welcomed and united.
Here they can take pride in themselves because these murals show successful native people.
They murals are done to show honor and respect to our ancestors, they represent that this
people are not forgotten and live on in our life. These people paint on wall are role models for
young people here, as we as part of our culture.

When I heard that the building was set to be torn down and this mural destroyed it was
extremely upsetting. The message this sent was that whoever is deciding to doesn’t care
about our heritage that they could care less what we believe. To me, this is very disrespectful.
Destroying a place where young people can come and freely express themselves and feel good
about it is terrible. These murals show us that it is good to take pride in where you come from
while honoring the people that have done this in the past. This is our history and others legacy.

These grounds are respected and not one mural has ever been tagged by graffiti. This shows
that people have respect for the mural and honor them. Also, two years ago a brand new floor
was put into the gym and it makes absolutely no sense to tear it up now. That is just a huge
waste of money. I pray that you stop and re-think your choice to destroy this building/murals
and program. Thank you from a young Yakama girl.

Alberta (Birdie) Eliza Harvey