Desperate In the Way

By Andrew Morrison

Know that negligence is an extreme thing and immediately bring to a conclusion work
for clients. Regardless of circumstances, begin without delaying one second and regardless
of those watching in attendance, proceed. Always advance with an open mind and know
experimentation is at the hard-core of being a true artist. Stage dive into the art world and
know this is the best moment of your life.

Begin with a loose sketch accompanied by washes of color and know that a self-primed
canvas will save you energy. Vigorously study the element of under-painting and know it will
add a profound impact to your work. In college I dedicated a full semester to the art of under-
painting and at the end of the term I still did not fully comprehend it. It was not until five years
later that the lessons engrained in my subconscious memory became apparent and I fully
understood why my professor was so adamant about under-painting.

Paint on walls, canvas, paper, and anything you can think of. Work the whole surface
and keep paints close to the wall. Paint strokes from right to left and the reverse. Paint strokes
from up to down and the reverse. Paint light into dark and the reverse. Paint from foreground
to background and the reverse. Twist your wrist while the brush is in motion and once the
brush is on the surface begin stroking in the direction you want the paint to flow.

As a right handed-person, I make it a point to paint with my left hand. By picking up
utensils with my left hand and directly applying them to the surface, I create a coming-full-circle
balance. This understanding applies to left-handed individuals as well. Balance is needed. A
balance between work, play, rest, exertion, light, and dark can never be underestimated.

One of the many advantages of painting is to know there is no right and wrong way to
create. In the creation process of progress there are no mistakes and a fresh start is always
fresh. Painting over your work two times or twenty times is worth it. It is good to start with a
vision and always know visions can change and multiply as colors, patterns, and ideas develop.
Sketches into finalized replications are strong. Know that drawing is a major foundation of
painting and strive to dedicate as much time to it as you can. Stick with your concepts and know
ideas created the dream of a world we live in. The absolute truth is recognized within yourself
when you come to a pivotal point in which you are demanding the highest quality of work every
time you pick up a brush. Once you get to this pivotal point, know it as your own standard of
quality, go to great lengths to make decisions from this state of mind, and follow nothing else.

Make sure you are comfortable and know that having enough food, enough sleep,
enough coffee, and plenty of water will keep you energized. Only you can slow you down and

only you can speed you up. Be in a great mood when you paint and know that great music
accompanied by great movies inspire great paintings. The energy you put into the painting will
be reflected onto the spirits of the viewers.

Vigorously study art, look at it and let it speak to you, feel it and let it move you, breathe
it and let the brush strokes captivate you. Submit to it as if it is a lover and you are lost in
passion and lust. Spend hours observing colors and examining every last detail of the artwork.
Everything from the framing to the signature is full of meaning. The image you see is the tip
of the artistic iceberg. The visual artwork and its meaning are similar to a flower with roots
fertilized in a blossoming Garden of Eden.

Always create directly across at eye level and paint facing up or down only if you have
to. Make your highlights light and make your darks dark. Do not be afraid of the color black.

Natural light is best. Paint by windows and with as much light as humanly possible. If
weather and will permit, paint outside. Standard soft-white lights will not work when painting.
Soft-white lights give the workspace a dim look and are created to evoke feelings of relaxation.
These feelings of relaxation lead to lazy eyes, fatigue, and sleep. You want to be wide awake
and want to be able to see the true colors as you put them on. Know that colors change and
they sometimes darken after drying.

Your eyes are muscles and they must be strengthened. Keep your eyes healthy and
know they are among your most valued tools. When you do not have to wear glasses, do not.
When you do not have to wear contacts, do not. Your eyes are as precious as your art and you
must always protect both.

Take care of your brushes and hold onto your favorites. If a brush becomes reliable and
evokes optimism, use it over and over. Paint early in the morning and get your blood pumping
rapidly. Your blood stimulates your muscles, hands, heart, and mind. Stand up and sit down
while you paint. Look at your creations in the mirror and come out of all comfort zones. If you
do not feel you are excellent at painting hands, paint hands. This exercise applies to any barrier
you think you might have.

If painting in acrylic, study watercolor and the reverse. The media are similar and you
will capitalize by knowing the benefits of both. Mix colors on the canvas as you go and when
painting large areas squeeze pigment directly from the tube onto your surface. As you paint,
think of which colors resonate with your resolve. Light shades can be soft and innocent. Dark
shades can be hard and aggressive. If you have black and white, blend to create one hundred
shades of grey. If you have red and white, blend to create one hundred shades of pink. Red is
as passionate as anger and love. Blue is as smooth as the ocean and sky. You should vigorously

study the emotions and feelings evoked by every color in the rainbow.

Get to the heart of paintings while striving to work on multiple images at once. Between
watching the paint dry and proceeding, sketch what is around you. Open spaces are good and
do not feel obligated to cover each square inch of the canvas. Save the details for last and know
that they make the biggest difference.

Get everyone involved, be around other artists, and never, ever turn away a volunteer.
An artist’s motivation fuels support and the support of an artist fuels motivation. Assemble a
trusted team that is willing to stage dive into mural manifestation with you. Keep a journal and
document every stage of the process. Have a friend take photos of you in action. Create art
larger than the surface and realize no canvas or wall is too big. Go to extremes to ensure that
this entire dream of a world sees your vision. Think of billboards and if you have never been to
Fabulous Las Vegas, go now. The Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas, Nevada is the
definition of showmanship, salesmanship, hospitality, survival, networking, promotion, and for
an aspiring artist it is life changing.

Realize your actions impact millions of people, learn from yourself, and be your
greatest teacher. It is crucial to look at your work with fresh eyes. That said, give it a break, let
it breathe, and come back to it with a new perspective on another day or a few hours later.
Analyze your current process of progress and discover how it can be more brutally efficient.
Continue to sharpen all of your artistic tools and know that superiority is not simply a matter of
secret techniques.

Organize your studio, life, and career. At all times keep your studio’s water clean and
know that running water never grows stale. Keep paints within arm’s reach and when the
momentum of creation is in motion do anything and everything humanly possible to keep it

Know that supplies are all around you and never worry about them. Focus all of your
energy into each brush stroke and use what you have got. Use old newspapers for tarps, use
soda cans for water containers, and use high-gloss, thick advertisement cards for palettes. Use
paper plates and matte boards for mixing paint. If there is space in the garage, use it. If there is
space in the kitchen, use it. If there is space in your sleeping quarters, use it. A studio is a space.
Immediately dispose of equipment that is no longer needed and do not invest into anything
that can be disposed of.

Any artistic atmosphere is a harmonious place and all of the wonders of this dream of
a world can be revealed in a fraction of a second when you simply believe. Just create even if
you do not feel like creating. Do not sit and look at your blank canvas for two hours, two days,

two months, or two years. Something will be better than nothing and know that opportunities
arise as they are seized. Without any shadow of a doubt, believe in yourself, and let go of any
person’s words that are not uplifting.

The talent you were given is a special gift and it should never be taken for granted.
Creating is connecting with your soul and it is one hundred percent uplifting. Taking simple
raw materials and turning them into a magnificent masterpiece is a divine act. Your artwork is
destiny manifesting and it is now becoming an important part of yesterday and tomorrow.

Study the artists you admire, look at their brush strokes, observe the colors they use,
and find out details related to their lives that you care about. Hit the internet, library, museum,
and exhibitions. Study the masters but do not take their words as the bottom-line gospel truth.
There are always two ways of doing anything.

It is never too soon to start a successful business or join a winning team and know that
being on time is a true sign of character. Document everything related to the occupation you
love. A web site is a huge plus, it empowers you, it is an online gallery that you control, and it is
a functional place where buyers can look at your work from your own personal point of view.
The viewers must always answer when great artwork calls.

Whether day or night, research and investigate ideas as they come into your mind.
By consciously focusing and inundating a beautiful mind in an artistic setting twenty four
hours a day, you will retrain unconscious thoughts of success to become reality. You will find
undying inspiration by surrounding yourself with great artwork and referring back to successful
techniques. At times when keeping a journal look back into it and be proud of your process of

Commit to prepare for an exhibition, draw the line in the paint, and know that you have
crossed the point of no return. Think of your art as a whole body and work on all exhibiting
pieces together. Prepare yourself for the opening and the exhibition. Prior to your own
exhibition attend and engage other exhibitions to generate ideas. Capture ideas with a camera
and do not hesitate to click away.

Prior to the opening, hang work a day or two in advance, and tie as many loose ends as
you can. Make sure titles accompanied with prices are easy to read. Have a detailed plan for
sales transactions, stand by your prices, stand by your work, and make confidence your best
friend. Use e-mail, text messages, networking sites, postcards, flyers, and direct phone calls
to promote the exhibition. Make this entire dream of a world want to be there. It is the most
important day of your life.

Make your biography and artist statement very visible to the public. In case clients do
not get to correspond with you directly they can refer to your written biography. Increase your
capacity to receive by having plenty of business cards on hand. Keep business cards in your
front, side, and back pockets.

If it is an annual show and you have exhibited in the space before, it is great to present
old work. There will be a new crowd with fresh eyes. Viewers will come to know your work
intimately and they will gain an appreciation for you over time and at the blink of an eye. If
the space is large, think of titling pieces in groups and let the titles be known to the public.
The titles, process of creation, and actual pieces take on lives of their own and the public is
interested in every last detail.

Make sure the entry to the exhibition is wide open, free of obstructions, and well lit.
Be true to the moment and greet people as they walk in. This is one of your many chances to
let your vision become apparent to this dream of a world. Set your heart and demeanor on
undying optimism and invite true greatness into your existence. Distinguish yourself by looking
your best and take ownership in your individuality by feeling your best. By being well-rested
and well-fed your energy will be high. If there is something to say, say it. Viewers will fall in
love with your honesty. Know that everyone in attendance is there to see you and they want
you to succeed.

The night after the exhibition take detailed notes of all the success. Keep the adrenaline
rush going, do not come down from this natural high, and live on cloud nine. Embody this
manifesto and know it is a road or path, a way of life, a discipline or method to follow closely.
This is desperate in the way.

A special thanks to Don Weingust